Turf Rebate Programs

Saving Money & Time

How Lawn Replacement Saves You Money!

We all want to do our part to help the Simi Valley community conserve water, and the Be Water Wise program is making it easier and more affordable by offering financial rebates to replace water-guzzling grass with a modern, drought tolerant landscape!

Simi Valley Waterworks is offering residents  $3.00 per square foot (up to $15,000) for replacing turf/lawn with water-wise gardens and drought tolerant yard.

The Ways You Save

Turf Rebate Programs

Get $3/ft2 rebates in Simi Valley for replacing turf grass with a water wise landscape.

Lower Utility Costs

Drought tolerant yards require less water and less maintenance; reducing your water bill and gardening fees.

Added Property Value

Modern landscaping built with low maintenance & water conservation in mind help boost curb appeal and property value.

"I see many home buyers looking for yards that don’t require a lot of maintenance...A lot of younger, first-time buyers don’t want to be home all day gardening or dealing with the lawn.”

Ready to Start Your Turf Removal Rebate?

How Turf Rebates Work

Rebates are limited to a first-come-first-serve basis, and are based on certain qualifications and requirements. If you’re unsure how to proceed, the Turf Rebate Specialists at KB5 Landscape Design will be happy to help you with your rebate application and create a qualified landscape design to receive the maximum rebate possible for your yard.

Click Here to See a List of Simi Valley Rebate Requirements

Getting a rebate for replacing your lawn and upgrading to an approved drought tolerant yard is essentially a two part process:


Reserve Your Rebate

Before starting your project or removing any turf, you must apply for AND receive approval to proceed to reserve your rebate funds.


Complete the Project

After the reservation, you will have 180 days to complete the project, submit your request for a rebate.

Want help with the rebate application & approval process?

How We Help
  • Measure your property for your rebate application to maximize the benefits
  • Design a custom garden that fulfills rebate requirements
  • Included you in plant selection and incorporate your vision
  • Assist with the application process for your local municipality to get you the max rebate!
  • Our licensed contractor installs your new Eco-Friendly landscape

"Ed did a great job removing my turf and replacing it with resistant plants. He knows the ins and outs of the DWP rebate program, and will help you through the process. He designed a beautiful new yard, and helped me maximize the rebate . If you're thinking of using others, don't! Use Ed instead. Awesome guy who doesn't have a problem getting his hands dirty."
-Renee P.

Ready to Start Your Turf Removal Rebate?

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KB5 Landscape Design brings knowledge, experience, and speed to Simi Valley homeowners looking to upgrade their lawn to an eco-friendly, drought tolerant paradise.

Not only will you be illegible for Turf Removal Rebates, but the end result will be a modern, low-maintenance environment where you can play, entertain, or just relax.